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You want to study in Germany? Great choice! With German university degree you will become a competitive professional in demand on job markets all over the world. And this is how you succeed in life. We will help you with the first step towards your goal. Your successful application to a study programme in German University is our mission.


3 keys to success: how to become a student in German University

choose the university that is the best for you

Do you know what professions are predicted to be most in demand within next 10 years? Do you want to be among the most skilled and sought after? Do you have any special passions and talents? Our study guide lists the future most attractive jobs and teach you how to match them to your talents.

prepare the perfectly organized application

German university admission process is all about collecting the perfect set of documents. With our checklists you will not forget any certificates, letters of recommendations, lists of honours. This way you application will pass directly to admission office.

don’t miss deadlines

When applying to study programme there are multiple deadlines to keep in mind. When to sign-up for language exam? When to submit the documents for a scholarship? With our deadline checklist you will budget your time wisely.

Why to study in Germany?

German university education is tuition-free and available for all students regardless of country of origin. German degree will improve your job perspectives and your chances to succeed in life. In our study guide you will learn which universities offer the most promising career fields for the next decades.

Are you prepared to study in German university?

German universities welcome international students from all over the world. For a successful application you need to submit the exact set of documents that are required for your chosen study programme. In our information materials you will find out all the requirements and criteria to study in German University as Bachelor, Master or Phd student.

Are you prepared financially to live in Germany?

Tuition-free university education does not mean expenses-free years. You will still need to cover multiple administration fees, insurances, living and travel expenses. With our budget estimations you will find out how much it really costs to live and study in Germany. Early money management is very important so you can apply in time for scholarship or financial aid.

What people are saying...

Daniel K.

"I’m studying for B.Sc. in Information Engineering at Hamburg University. I’ve just started so have 4 years of study ahead of me. The programme is completely taught in English and it will give competence in software, electronics and information technology. So I’m rather sure that I will find good work afterwards."

Nadya Z.

"I’m doing my Master in Management & Data Science in Lüneburg University. In couple of years I can see myself crunching numbers in one of information-intensive company. Next semester I will start an internship in one start up "

Anna K.

"I did my PhD in Material Science at Aachen University. And for the last several years I work as an engineer in a world-leading technological corporation. My job is both intense and fulfilling, because I use my academic knowledge to create new technology."

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