Fri, 8 September 2017

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Become an Undergraduate Student at a German University

The Bachelor’s degree programs at the German universities are very popular among international students.  With the German Bachelor’s degree you will have a good start into professional life.

German universities offer degree programs in different subjects
German universities offer degree programs in different subjects

The DAAD Higher Education Compass currently lists over 8850 Bachelor’s degree programs open at German universities. International students may apply to almost all these programs. The Bachelor’s degree programs at the German universities provide excellent education and prepare students for the next step in their professional life: entering job market or continuing in academic path towards Master’s degree and maybe Doctoral.

What is the Bachelor’s degree study program at a German university?

The Bachelor’s degree is the first academic degree. German education system follows the standardized guidelines of the Bologna process. Therefore, the Bachelor’s degree from a German university is comparable and competitive on the international job market. During the study period of 6-8 semesters, you will receive fundamental basic knowledge in the chosen field of study.

What can I study at German universities on the Bachelor’s degree level?

The variety of the Bachelor’s degree programs in Germany is enormous. If you think of any subject, there will a Bachelor’s study program in one of German universities.

Is there a difference in Bachelor’s degrees from University (Universität) and University of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen)?

These two types of high education institutions vary in their approach to the knowledge taught. Traditional German university (Universität) focuses more on theoretical knowledge, while University of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen) provides very practical skills and expertise. If you want to stay in academia till Doctoral studies, you should consider one of German university (Universität). If you are planning to enter job market right after graduating with Bachelor’s degree, then University of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen) could be a good choice for you. Their Bachelor’s programs really prepare to jump right  into the professional job environment.

Is there a tuition fee for a Bachelor’s degree program?

In many cases there is no tuition fee to study at German state universities. At private universities, there can be tuition. The DAAD Higher Education Compass provides detailed and updated information about tuition fees.

Can I study in English at German university?

While the main language of instruction at German universities is, logically, German, the number of international English taught Bachelor’s programs is growing each year. In 2018 the DAAD Higher Education Compass lists 225 Bachelor’s degree programs at different German universities. See if you find something interesting for yourself.

Can I apply to any Bachelor’s degree program in Germany?

In general, foreign students may apply for enrollment to any Bachelor’s degree study program. But you should be aware that on some subjects there are restrictions on admissions. This means that in those case the university may deny admission if you do not meet certain requirements (for instance, grade average). The DAAD Higher Education Compass lists all the admission restriction if applicable, so make sure to check this Information in advance.

Where do I apply to a Bachelor’s degree program?

If your university of choice is a member of uni-assist, then you need to apply via uni-assist portal. If the university is not a member, directly to the university.

What documents do I need to apply to a Bachelor’s degree program in Germany?

When you’ve selected the best for you Bachelor’s program, please, check the university website for the exact list of required documents. In most of the case the admission office will want you to submit:

  • Your higher education entrance qualification (school diploma or certificate with a listing of all subjects and grades) – certified copy and an official translation.
  • Language certificates (German or English, what applicable).
  • Other documents can be required: TestAS results and other specialized exams, results of selection interview,
    letter of motivation, photo, copy of passport’s page with the name and photo.

When do I need to submit the application?

There are 2 official application deadlines for most of the Bachelor’s degree programs. July 15th is for the course starts during the winter semester. January 15th is for the course starts during the summer semester. Obviously, you will need to submit your application before those dates.