Fri, 8 September 2017

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DAAD Scholarships to Study at German Universities

The DAAD website contains a very useful database of the  DAAD scholarships to study in Germany in different university level study programs. International students from different countries benefit from the DAAD financial support.

The DAAD scholarships support international student at various degrees levels
The DAAD scholarships support international student at various degrees levels

If you are going to apply to a  German university, the DAAD website ( should be your first stop for information.  The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports both internationals students and researches applying to study programs in Germany and the German students looking for opportunities to study abroad.  For international students the most useful part of the DAAD website will be selection of the DAAD scholarships to study in Germany at various degree levels.

Where can I find all available DAAD scholarships?

The DAAD website there is an online scholarships database:

It is a very useful tool to find a scholarship that you can apply to.  You can search the database by 3 main criteria: first, your country of origin, second, degree status and third, subject.  Make sure to combine all three criteria to refine your search results only to the scholarships that are applicable to your situation.

When can I apply for the DAAD scholarship?

You should apply for DAAD scholarship while you are preparing your application to the study program at German university.  It is essential that you apply  from your home country. If you browser through the scholarship database, you will notice that ‘country of origin’ is a very important eligibility criteria. You will be able to apply only to the scholarships that are opened to students from your country.

Can I apply for the DAAD scholarship when I’m already in Germany?

Only if you’ve been in Germany for less than 15 months you may also apply to the DAAD scholarship. But in this case, be extra careful while reading requirements criteria to make sure that you meet all conditions.

What degrees programs does the DAAD financially support?

Quick search of the DAAD scholarships data base shows that currently (as of October 2018) there are 129 scholarship option. Many calls for applications are applicable to different level of degrees programs and research. In the table below we’ve summarized how many of those scholarships are aimed at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees students .

Status of scholarship Number of scholarships programs (October 2018)
Undergraduates (Bachelor) 20
Graduates (Master and Doctoral) 93
Doctoral candidates (those who are already enrolled in Doctoral program) 74

As you can see most of scholarship are offered on the graduate level. If you’ve already Bachelor’s degree you will have better chances to secure the DAAD scholarships. But even as an undergraduate, you can find some funding options. Just make sure that you read all the eligibility requirements.

What is the duration of the DAAD scholarship?

The duration of the DAAD scholarship varies from 1 month to 2 years. Duration of the funding is clearly stated in the scholarship description.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the DAAD scholarship?

Several important criteria will help you to find out which (if any) DAAD scholarships are open for you. You can select all these criteria in the DAAD scholarship data base for the most precise results.

1. Country of origin. DAAD has many scholarships programs, but they are not open in equal manner to all international students.  So you should carefully select scholarships by this criteria to find those you are eligible to apply to.

2. Degree status. The DAAD data base lists 3 types of the students status. First are undergraduates who are those potential students who wish to enroll to a Bachelor’s degree program. The second group are graduates who should already have Bachelor’s degree and plan to apply to Master’s or Doctoral study program. And finally, doctoral candidates who are already in the process of conducting their Doctoral research in their country of original and plan to undertake some additional research at German university.

3. Subject. The DAAD scholarship are open to most of the study subjects. The DAAD data base lists the following subject fields:
• Medicine
• Engineering
• Art, Music, Sport
• Mathematics/Natural Sciences
• Law, Economics and Social Sciences
• Language and Cultural Studies
• Veterinary Medicine/Agriculture, Forestry and Nutritional Science