Fri, 8 September 2017

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Documents for the Student Application to German University

The list of the documents for application to study at German university includes the copy of your previous education diploma and the German or English language test results.

University campus in Lüneburg, Germany
University campus in Lüneburg, Germany

On of the first thing you will need to do, once you’ve decided what and where you want to study is to check the university website for the exact list of the documents for application. All the universities require to present two main documents: your education diplomas (certificates) and language exam results. But in addition to these very important documents, they may also request to submit some other papers. You need to know exactly what the admission office of your chosen university requires.

What documents should I submit to the university admission office?

First most important document is your previous education diplomas or certificates. Educational certificates (diplomas) prove that you have enough knowledge and expertise to study on the selected level. Therefore study programs at different degrees level require different certificates.

For the Bachelor’s degree programs you will need to present your school diploma. Similarly, for the Master’s degree program you will need to show your Bachelor’s degree certificate. Finally, for the Doctoral program you will need to submit your Master’s degree certificate or equivalent.

Do I need to sent my original diploma to the university admission office?

No, you do not need to send your original documents, though at a certain point in your application process you will need to present your original papers. For the application process you will need to submit a certified copy of your documents.

Do I need to translate my educational certificate?

If your education certificate is issued in German or English, then no need for translation. For all other languages – yes, you will need to submit a certified translation.

Second document that all admission offices require is the result of your language proficiency exam.   For the application to the programs taught completely in English you will need to submit English language exam results (TOEFL, IELTS or other). For all other study programs in German universities you will need to submit your results of the TestDaF or the DSH.

What other documents do the university admission officers may require to submit?

Other documents may vary depending on the study program and university. That’s why you need to read carefully the information about application process to your chosen university.

CV: you will need to list all your education and experience up to the date of application.

Letter of motivation: you will need to sate your reasons and goals why you want to apply this particular university.

Letter of recommendation: sometimes universities require a letter of recommendation from your previous university teachers or professors.

A copy of your passport: you will need to submit a page with your name and photo.

Record of name change: if your current name is different from your name in your diplomas, you will need to submit a record of your name change.

TestAS results: students from the non-EU countries applying to the Bachelor’s programs may need to take this exam.

Additional exams results, for example, GMAT and GRE. The economics and business courses in English sometimes require the results of GMAT and GRE.

In some special programs the university may ask you to submit portfolio, take aptitude test or entrance exam, submit the results of medical examinations. These are very specific requirements that are closely connected to the study program’s aim and content. If you are applying to the art, music or sport programs, you may need to meet these special requirements.