Fri, 8 September 2017

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English Language Certificates for Admission to Study Programs

More and more German universities offer study programs taught completely in English.  To apply to these study programs you will need to submit an English language proficiency certificate.  TOEFL and IELTS are most widely accepted exams, but there are also other options to prove your English language skills.  Check the admission requirements on the website of the selected study program.

Prepare for English proficiency test
Prepare for English proficiency test

Over the years, an increasing number of universities in Germany offer a variety of the study programs in English language. In order to apply for one of those programs you will need to provide an English language certificate as a proof of your sufficient knowledge of English language.

What sort of certificates can prove that you know English enough to be able to study in an English taught university course?

In general, admission offices require one of the English language certificate. There are several standardized English language test offered by different English language institutions. German universities accept most of them.  Additionally, in special cases your previous education in the USA or the UK can be enough to meet the admission requirements.

Which English language certificates are accepted by German universities?

There is no simple answer for this question. While all German universities in general accept TOEFL and IELTS, they can also accept many other tests results. Both TOELF and IELTS are quite expensive and require lots of preparations. Moreover, there are deadlines for both exams that will postpone your admission for another year. Before taking those test check the website of your selected study program to find out what certificates they require. You might already have sufficient documents.

Where to find what the English language requirements for the selected study program in German university?

In general, you can check it in the information package or website of your selected program. Open the university website, find  your program and read very carefully. How exactly information is presented on the website may vary from university to university. But read careful and you will find the section dedicated to the English language requirements.

What are the minimum score results of TOEFL and/or IELTS for the admission to German universities?

The minimum score results of TOEFL and IELTS vary between the study programs.   In the most cases Universities accept the result of the language tests TOEFL and IELTS. You will need to make sure that your results pass the required minimum score. If you have already taken the test, then it’s great. But make sure that it is still valid.

Can the program accept my years of studying in the US as a proof that I know English?

In some cases students have very specific questions, for example concerning their previous education experience.  Your diploma from a school or college in the USA or the UK can sometimes be a proof of English language knowledge. Some programs can accept your previous English language education as sufficient language proof. Again check their application information, because German universities websites always describe all the requirements precisely and in details.

If you need some insight into how to find the requirement of English language knowledge, check your case-studies of several students who applied in different programs in German universities.