Fri, 8 September 2017

DECODE21.COMKnowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is progress.


Our main belief is that education is progress.  And we are here to help young people from across the world to learn that they too can have the top education. After all we did! So you can too!

Meeting room for our team
Meeting room for our team

The Decode21 team is a group of people who feel motivated to share their knowledge and personal experience of studying at German universities.

Today our team comes from 11 countries. We differ a lot in our backgrounds and upbringing, but we all have something important in common: we all studied at German universities. For all of us this was the ultimate experience that shaped the professional outlook and the need for community outreach.  We launched Decode21 as an effort to give back to the community and to empower young people.

Decode21 helps young and ambitious people from across the world to make the first step towards future. We strongly believe that your personal future and our common future as humankind is rooted in education.

We often hear from young people that they want to achieve something in their lives, but do not know where to start. To those we always enthusiastically suggest to start with education. For different people education may take different forms. But there are always those curious, energetic minds who want to break free. To those young bright things we recommend to apply to a degree program to one of German universities. We believe that with the German university degree the world is an oyster.

Here at Decode21 through our personal experiences we show that German university degree can be the first step towards the success in live. So Decode21 provides information, consultations and coaching to guide through the road-map to German university.

What We Do:

  •  share information, recommendations and guidelines.
  •  provide individual coaching and support.
  •  host unique events and experiences.
  • support communities and causes that share our vision for progress.

Ultimately, we’re a community of people dedicated to reach out to many young people with one clear message: education is progress.  And we are using our expertise and skills to help young people to live up to their potential and boost their chances to succeed.

Learn here soon more about our key leaders.