Fri, 8 September 2017

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The TestDaF (Test of German as a Foreign Language) for University Application

You can take the TestDaF (Test of German as a foreign language) either in your home country or in Germany. All German universities recognize the TestDaF certificate and accept it as part of student’s application.

Use different study books and audio material to prepare for the TestDaF exam
Use different study books and audio material to prepare for the TestDaF exam

Adequate German skills are the prerequisite for the enrollment into the degree programs at German universities. All international students applying to German universities are therefore required to submit the results of one of German language tests. The TestDaF and the DSH are two most known German language proficiency tests. TestDaF is short for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache (“Test of German as a foreign language”).

Who needs to take the TestDaF?

International students who plan to study at German universities are the main target group for the TestDaF-

Where can I take the TestDaF?

One of the major differences of the TestDaF compared to DSH is that you can take the TestDaF in special Test Centers in 95 different countries around the world. There are ca. 450 Test Centers so make sure to find your which closest to you. After your exam the Test Center in your country will send you the certificate directly.

How long are the TestDaF results valid?

The TestDaF certificate is valid for an unlimited period of time.

What German language level do I need to have to be able to pass the TestDaF successfully?

If you feel comfortable at the level B2-C1, then you’ll pass the TestDaF well enough to meet the admission requirements.

What are the parts of the TestDaF exam?

The TestDaF consist of four parts: Listening comprehension, Reading comprehension, Writing and Speaking. The whole examination lasts for 3 hours 10 minutes plus there are breaks between the parts. During the first three parts of the exam you will be in a usual classroom context.  For the final Speaking part you will move in a camputer lab as you will be speaking to a computer. This Speaking part proves to be rather challenging to some students, as speaking to a machine feels different than doing an interview with a real person. The summary of the TestDaF content is summarized in table below.

TestDaF part Tasks Duration
Reading Comprehension Reading 3 texts and answering 30 questions 60 minutes
Listening Comprehension Listening to 3 audio-texts and answering 25 questions 40 minutes
Written Production Completing 1 writing task 60 minutes
Speaking Completing 7 speaking tasks 30 minutes

What the TestDaF grade do I need to for the university admission?

In general most German universities require TDN 4 results on the TestDaF exam for admission to a degree program.

When will I receive the TestDaF certificate?

You will receive your certificate issued by the Test Centre within six weeks.

Do all German universities recognize the TestDaF certificate?

Yes, all German universities recognized the TestDaF certificate and

Who much does the TestDaF cost?

The fee for the TestDaF in Germany is 175 EUR. But in other countries the fee of the examination might differ. Contact your closest Test Center-

How often can I retake the TestDaF?

You may re-take the TestDaF exam as often as you wish (or can afford) until you have satisfactory results. But don’t forget to learn German in between, so that your results improve.