Fri, 8 September 2017

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Uni-assist – Online Portal to Submit Your Application to German University

Over 180 German universities require foreigners to submit their student applications via uni-assist.  This online portal allows to create, manage and track your application to the degree programs in German universities.

World of knowledge awaits you in the library of the University of Lüneburg
World of knowledge awaits you in the library of the University of Lüneburg

The first step in application process to German university is to find out how your study programs admits the paperwork.  Nowadays many universities accept documents only via uni-assist.  You don’t know if your university requires all international students submit their student applications via uni-assist? Then check immediately at the university website. You need to know about submission process so that you avoid wasting time and making mistakes

What is uni-assist?

Uni-assist is an online portal that allows international students to apply to one or several study programs in German university.  You submit all your documents online to uni-assist.  After that they will evaluate your foreign school and university certificates and determine their equivalence to German educational standards. Uni-assist processes your individual entry requirements to your selected universities. They register all data and documents necessary for the universities’ admission procedures. And finally they inform you about your evaluation result.

According to the information on their website, uni-assist processes approximately 300,000 student applications from over 180 countries and regions worldwide every year.  So evidently they ave very broad experience and in-depth understanding of the application process.

Uni-assist website:

Do I need to use uni-assist online application portal?

Some universities accept application only via uni-assist. If your study program of choice lists uni-assist as a submission tool, then you have to use uni-assist. Other universities may accept direct application, then you do not need uni-assist. You can send in all the documents directly to the admission office. Check your university website to find out if you have to use uni-assist.

Do all German universities require application via uni-assist?

At the moment about 180 German universities use uni-assist to handle the application process. You can find the list of all those universities on the uni-assist website.

How does application via uni-assist work?

First, you register on uni-assist website and create your personal account. In your personal account you will need to fill in your background information. Then you can proceed to creating an application to your study program. You will be able to select your university and the study program within the study offers. And further you will be able to upload  your documents online.  Your personal account on the uni-assist portal will allow you to control over the application process.  In this way you will be able to create and manage one or multiple applications to any uni-assist university and track their status online.

Do I have to pay to uni-assist?

There are handling fees to process your application. The fees cover registration, processing and evaluation of your documents and educational certificates, irrespective of the results of this procedure.  According to the uni-assist website the fees valid from March 1, 2018 are following:

Costs for the first choice course of study: 75.00 EUR
For each additional desired course of study: 30.00 EUR